DeFi Investing with ETF Index Funds on Avalanche

We research and create profitable investment strategies, so you don’t have to.

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The Investment Framework Explained

Level 3

Smart portfolio investment
Smart allocation of liquidity to various profitable strategies with rebalancing and risk management.

Level 2

Vault and strategies optimization
Manage assets efficiently by optimization of the different DeFi farming rewards.

Level 1

Borrowing & Lending
Handles liquidity incentivization with yield farming and auto-compounding rewards.

Invest Profitably on Avalanche.

Discover the best strategies
We research and create the best strategies based on risk profiles
Select most suitable strategies
Our strategies are battle-tested ensuring the most optimal performance
Deposit your funds
Approve and deposit your funds and watch your $ grows

Strategies Introduction

Invest in top DeXes on Avalanche + high APR + auto-compounding + rebalancing
Estimate APR: 80-90%
Risk level: HIGH
Invest in top DeXes on Avalanche while half the volatility + high APR + auto-compounding + rebalancing
Estimate APR: 150-200%
Risk level: HIGH
Half the volatility while believe in the growth of Avalanche blockchain + better APR + auto-compounding
Estimate APR: 50-60%
Risk level: MEDIUM
Stablecoins strategy with 2 digit APR + no volatility + auto-compounding
Estimate APR: 10-20%
Risk level: LOW
Keep the APR above 250% by changing farms and composition constantly + monitoring price and liquidity 24/7 by bot
Estimate APR: 250-300%
Risk level: MOON
leverage strategy
Long AVAX 2x strategy with collateralized debt position, by abstracting its management into a simple index & yield farming automatically.
Estimated APR: 2x AVAX
Risk level: MOON

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Launching soon
Q4 2021
DeFi ETF strategies powered by DAOventures
Presales investment complete
Governance token AVX issuance
Q1 2022
AVX listing on CeX and DeX
Flexible and locked staking
Borrowing and lending powered by Levier Capital
Q2 2022
Hybrid AVX liquidity mining kick-off
Governance module implementation
Prediction market powered by DAOventures
Q3 2022
Multi-chain DeFi ETF strategies
Mobile dapp integration
Multi-language support